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Empower your leaders to drive success through kindness

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Leading With Senses & Skills

We offer 25 self-paced micro-learning courses under 5 topics to Instill your leaders with kindness and compassion to lead the way in transitioning from a customer-centric focus to an employee-centric culture.


Why does Leading With Kindness Matter?

Leading with kindness can help to create a positive work environment that fosters trust, collaboration, and mutual respect among team members. 

Managers are one of the top drivers of employee NPS

Only 18% of managers demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others. 

43% of employees don't want to recommend their manager to their friends

Managers who receive the same training will “speak the same language,” providing consistent management throughout the organization.

See what people are saying

I find this course great and feel that it is really needed and haven’t seen courses like this in leadership trainings or at least not so well comprehensive.

I like that it´s about Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Usually Belonging is not really focused on. For me Belonging is part of well-being and it´s great it´s included

"Overall the learning of these courses are very good and insightful. I learned a lot and in particular with the module "working across cultures" and would reccomend these courses to any user that wants to understand more details related to DEI."


Our E-learning Platform ​- Yours to Use!

Delivered through Chart’s Training Accountability Platform™, Accessible online from home or office.

Brand it with your logo and colours to make it a fully internal training environment.

Easy to build

Track how your team is performing with analytics! Keep track of actions, assessments & progress easily. 

Easy to Publish

This detailed report of skills, talents, and behaviors rank areas of competency and opportunities for development, compared to industry averages.

High Performance

Busy teams don't want to spend too much time on training. The bite-size modules will ensure high completion & effectiveness.
Accessible online 24/7 & 365 days. 

Learn & Practice to Retain

Our built-in Knowledge checks and our industry-awarded Job Aides ensure that participants practice their new skills applied in their own environment.
Customised Industry & Company Job Aides can be made available for you!

Create an inclusive work environment

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